• Bluray & DVD order forms •

You can order Bluray & DVD’s of the orchestras performing at different locations by downloading the order form.

HCYO Bluray Post Order Form

As a part of fund raising effort for the orchestra, OPSODIS Limited is happy to offer the 3D soundbar at a special discounted price (S7: £230 including £20 donation to the orchestra). This 3D soundbar, placed beneath a TV, plays HCYO Bluray with 3 dimensional sound. It also converts Stereo music or 5.1 surround film sound to 3D.

Please email Takashi Takeuchi at tt@isvr.soton.ac.uk if you are interested in making the purchase.  More details are shown on the bottom of each order form.

Prices for DVD’s are correct as of 11th August 2018 and may be subject to change.  Please check before ordering.