• A blast from the past! •

In response to the feature ‘a blast from the past’ from the spring term newsletter, we received fabulous feedback from an ex-member who is now a current parent.

A blast from the past!

Douglas Paterson, Emma Paterson’s dad, contacted Carl with a list of names which you will hopefully find to be an interesting read.  Douglas is still regularly in touch with most of HCYO members listed, and he says this gives some indication of how important it was for him socially as well as musically.

Douglas has kept the list of names to those who might have links with present members and he apologises for any names he may have left out.

Starting with the violas:

Roger Tapping – leading the violas, went on to the English Chamber Orchestra, Allegri Quartet, then Takacs Quartet and now the Julliard Quartet

Douglas Paterson – (Emma Paterson’s father) – front desk violas, next to Roger.  Chamber Orchestra of Europe, Schubert Ensemble.

Peter Collyer – number 3 in the violas, now plays for Sir John Elliot Gardiner, among other things.

Spike (Steve) Wilson – leading the cellos, until recently conductor of the String Orchestra.

Karen Leech – leading the orchestra, now Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

Jean Paterson (aunt of Emma) – next to the leader, HCYO 2nd violin coach for some years and now plays with John Elliot, The Sixteen, etc.

Claire (Johnson?) Mitchell – I think she’s towards the back of the first violins, now a local GP, mother of Lottie, recent cellist in the HCYO.

Nick Daniels – second oboe, the following year he won BBC Young Musician of the year, now oboe soloist and conductor.

Ruth Watson – first oboe; another fantastic musician, now recitalist living in Wales.

Martin Butler – was also part of the all-star cast oboe section – though oboe was very much his second instrument.

Simon Tapping – 3rd flute, brother of Roger the viola principal, now an exhibition lighting designer.

Harriet Faulk (now Sanders) – 2nd flute, the only member from St Swithun’s.

Anne Barnes (now Chrimes) – first bassoon, still keen follower of music locally.

Michael White – clarinet furthest to left; was principal in the Philharmonia, now not sure where he is, maybe London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Sandra Wills – clarinet 2nd from left; sister of Karen Wills, flute teacher at St Swithun’s School.

David Wythe – horn 2nd from left, now BBC Concert Orchestra I think.

Robert Harris – horn 5th from left, now Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra.

David Andrews – 1st trumpet, first on right, runs the fantastic Music Makers courses, of which the spirit clearly inspired by Bryanston Informal Concerts!

Martin Butler – the piano soloist, playing Prokofiev 1st Piano Concerto.  At some point that year the CYO performed it and Brahms 3 with Simon Rattle conducting.  Martin is now a superb composer and teaches at the University in Brighton.

If you have more names and additional information to share about past members, please email us.