• Easyfundraising reaches £2,000 •

We are pleased to announce that we have just passed the £2,000 figure via Easyfundraising!

We currently have 87 Easyfundraising supporters, but please remember that Easyfundraising is not just for the parents, it’s for members of the orchestras who are 16 and over, their parents, their families and all the friends of their families.  If you are already a supporter, please encourage you family and friends to help support our enthusiastic and talented young musicians via Easyfundraising.

Finally, if you are already signed-up, have you ticked the Gift Aid box?  It’s easy to do so and details on how to are here.  At the moment, only 20% of our supporters are signed-up to Gift Aid their Easyfundraising donations.

Thank you to all our supporters who have helped to raise over £2,000 via Easyfundraising.