• May fundraising update for the Germany tour •

Following the concert on the 6th May 207 at the Anvil, the Friends collected money for the 2018 tour to Germany.

The concert’s audience very generously donated £617.93!

In addition to this the Friends can claim Gift Aid on this amount as it comes under HM Revenue and Customs Gift Aid Small Donations Scheme (GASDS).  So this will be increased to £772.41!

In relation to the 2018 tour, we are looking for parents to help with this.

  • Have you got ideas or Anglo/German contacts to attract outside funding?
  • Can you speak German?
  • Have you done this before with other groups and can help us with your experience?
  • Can you help us sell the benefits of sponsoring the orchestra?
  • Do you have experience of applying for lottery funding?
  • Can you help us raise the orchestra’s profile so we are perceived as worth investing in?
  • Could you act as an ambassador to drive forward a relationship with a key organisation?

All ideas welcome, big or small and we will work as a team to put them in to action. Think about

  • corporate funding
  • barn dances
  • plant sales
  • car boots

Please contact Lea on leaholmes@me.com