• Bryanston 2017 •

HCYO went on their annual residential to Bryanston School on the 9th April until the 15th April 2017.


The Friends wish to thank parents for their help on the day with running the raffle, merchandise sales and tombola.  In addition to this, thank you for helping Carl and the orchestra load up the trucks for their return to Thornden School Hall.  Parental and family support is vital to help make running of HCYO and the Friends easier.

Thank you also to those who donated items for the raffle and tombola and for giving so generously as well!  Without the support from parents and families, FHCYO would not be here!

We have been pleased to see several new parents this year helping and we hope to welcome more as well.  As mentioned during the AGM, a number of parents will be moving on at the end of the 2018 orchestra year and we are looking to recruit more parents so that a handover period can take place.

On Saturday we raised the following money:

  • Raffle / Tombola / Merchandise – £851.30
  • Retiring bucket collection – £318.82 (plus we can claim £79.70 Gift Aid on this)

Thank you to  Fiona Saunders, Community Matters Champion from Waitrose Waterlooville,  who donated several Easter eggs for the raffle.

More photos of the week can be seen here.