• HCYO & Duke of Edinburgh •


D of E has always been a challenge for HCYO members, especially weekend events during the summer term. A lot of expeditions somehow seem to happen during our most important concerts at the Anvil in May and then late June and early July. At times this has been a real issue when people missing has meant the orchestra struggling to function and thus everyone suffering because of this

We have been working with the local district and I can confirm that HCYO activities do count and can be used for your D of E scheme.

Bryanston can be used for example for the Gold Award as the residential event. We have had two members do this in 2017.

Your teacher at school or D of E leader might need some persuasion but we can help with this!

There was always an issue with the interpretation of the guidelines because the D of E expedition is meant to be done with people you do not know. But the fact is, sadly, it is not till we go to Bryanston that we really start to know each other. Saturdays are too busy and there is little time for anything else but music. People tend to get to know a very small number of friends around them in their sections but it is not till we spend the week together at Bryanston that we truly break barriers and get to know each other.

We would like to encourage HCYO members to use Bryanston as part of the D of E scheme and not miss HCYO events.

Please try and do this – the more we do it, the more it will become a normal D of E activity.