• Winter 2012-13 Newsletter •


  1. Director’s Report
  2. HCYO New Year Concert – Winchester Cathedral
  3. The Rite of Spring
  4. String Fest at the Anvil – Basingstoke
  5. String Fest Photos
  6. HYPE
  7. HCYO at the Regional Music for Youth Festival
  8. Lou aiming for Channel Relay to raise funds for HCYO
  9. Charity Volunteering
  10. Friends of HCYO fundraising: Spring 2013

1. Director’s Report

There is never a dull moment at HCYO. Spring is nearly here and that inevitably means great excitement as we prepare for our Easter Course at Bryanston. Much has happened over the last few months and we have a lot to look forward to. HCYO continues to inspire and break new ground. Our most ambitious project this year is beginning to take shape and we are all looking forward to the real spring, in  fact, The Rite of Spring!
2013 marks the 100th anniversary of Stravinsky’s masterpiece and this was an opportunity not to be missed. Read all about the project and come and support what will be an unforgettable experience.

2013 has seen a few changes in the HCYO staffing . We welcome Brian Lloyd Wilson who has taken the reigns of the String Orchestra from Spike Wilson who moved at the end of last term. Spike is now involved with the Oxfordshire County Youth Orchestra and is still missing us all.  Anna Sadlowska has also moved on from the post of HCYO assistant, but is still playing an active role as violin tutor with both our orchestras.   We also said farewell to  Rebecca Kozam our oboe tutor. Rebecca is busy being a new mother. In her place we welcome Lucinda Willetts who is looking after the oboe section for the time being.

As we all know, these are difficult times and HCYO is not immune to the financial challenges facing the country. Just before Christmas we received the sad news that after over 25 years of continuous support, Elly Lilly from Basingstoke was not longer in the position to support the traditional ‘Lilly Concert’. There were two sides to our links with Lilly. Not only did they sponsor one of the most successful concerts of the year, but their financial support made other events and activities possible. It is with great sadness that we say a huge thanks to Elly Lilly for all their support over the years.

Every cloud has a silver lining and we are all grateful to NYMAD from Basingstoke for stepping in and filling the gap. They will be sponsoring this years concert which will now be known as the NYMAD concert. We will have as our guest Clare Jones, official Royal Harpist to the Prince of Wales from 2007 to 2011. It will be good to finish the year at the Anvil, where so many great HCYO performances have taken place over the year and we look forward to full a house once again!

2. HCYO New Year Concert – Winchester Cathedral

This is our second concert in Winchester Cathedral at this time of the year when the chairs are out and we ask our audience to stand. We love playing in this wonderful building and utilising the vast empty space for some creative programming.

Last year’s theme was ‘Living Composers’. We did not have a theme as such this year but there was a strong hint of looking east with composers from Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic and, of course, Russia represented by that giant of 20th century music, Igor Stravinsky.  Highlights included Frates for violin solo and orchestra by Arvo Pärt, a hugely demanding piece for violin solo and strings, masterfully performed by Natalie Rickard. The String Orchestra gave a moving performance of Three Pieces in Olden Style Krzysztof Penderecki whilst the cello section of both CYO and SO joined forces for the first time in a performance of David Funck’s Sonata Suite from “Structurae Viola di Gambicae”. The whole evening finished with some magic bassoon and horn solos (Craig Horner and Lilly O’Brien ) in the Berceuse and Finale from Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.

A feature of these concerts is our ‘Pre Concert Music’ – half an hour of ‘something different’ to greet the audience as they arrive. This year we featured the music of Johann Sebastian Bach with CYO members performing his unaccompanied sonatas and partitas. Conroy Adams, Tom Balch, Helena Mole, Rosie Fellows, Rebecca McElroy, Matthew Crisp, Alex Narang, Lara Wassenberg,  Rachel Maxey all gave riveting performances of what is very demanding music in the string repertoire.


3. The Rite of Spring

What is it all about ?

Stravinsky once famously described himself as an ‘inventor of music’ rather than a composer, arguing that invention could not be forced and lead to true originality.

One thing is for sure, there has been no other composer in the last century, and to this day, whose influence has been as strong as Stravinsky’s. Although he spent most of his life outside Russia, he remained at heart a Russian composer. The influence of Russian folk music is far stronger than we often realise and events of his childhood and youth in Russia stayed with him throughout his life and constantly permeated his compositional psyche.

The Rite of Spring, the piece that changed the course of musical history, it is a truly amazing piece – full of imagery, energy and of course, rhythm of the most complex kind. It caused a sensation at its premier in 1913 – a riot ensued in the auditorium within minutes of its beginning, a scandal which opened new doors in music history. Nothing was quite the same after that explosive first performance.

The story is that of Spring in Russia, and ancient society deciding who to offer as sacrifice to the Gods. To be sacrificed is an honour and a necessity, for spring will not come without it.

The Rite is often viewed as an icon of modernism, dominating the twentieth century as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony dominated the nineteenth. We must never forget, however, that it is a dramatic work – the Rite was conceived as a ballet and dance will play an important part in our project.

In an exciting celebration of the 100th anniversary of the first performance of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring with Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, we are bringing together a wide range of talent to produce a modern interpretation of this groundbreaking spectacle.

This is a hugely demanding work for any orchestra, let alone a youth ensemble. But with the inexperience of youth comes curiosity for the new, and boundless energy. Dance, music and new compositions inspired by the Rite will thrill, entrance and inspire a new generation to keep ‘invention’ alive!

What is happening out there and who is taking part in the project?

  • Composition workshops are taking place in Henry Court and Brune Park schools with composer Frasier Trainer.
  • Dance rehearsals are already in full swing at Cowplain, Portchester and Bay House schools and South Downs College with choreographers Jamie Roberts and Donna Bish and lighting designer Simon Gray, in conjunction with the New Theatre Royal, Portsmouth and Portsmouth University.
  • Peter Symonds College Chamber Choir  will come and sing at the Anvil
  • Alton College A level composition and dance project will perform at the Anvil with us.
  • Composer Francis Pott is composing a piece for HYPE (percussion and harp)
  • Catherine Upfold (HMS composition award holder/CYO viola)) has already composed a piece for strings and harp as part of her composition studies.


Saturday 20 April
New Theatre Royal – Portsmouth
Tickets £10 / £8 conc

Saturday 27 April
The Anvil – Basingstoke
Tickets £10 / £8 conc

4. String Fest at the Anvil – Basingstoke

Hampshire County Youth String players played a central role in the Hampshire MusicService String Fest at the Anvil in Basingstoke on Sunday 10 February. Over 250 performers from all over Hampshire with a wide age range and experience came together for a day of rehearsals and workshops. Both our String Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra performed under the expert direction of Brian Lloyd-Wilson and every Hampshire String Ensemble was represented in this event, some in the form of film footage only, as numbers were too many for the Anvil to be able to accommodate them!


This was a shining example of team work and it was good to see just how supportive our own young people are towards younger and up and coming players. HCYO is at the centre of youth music making in Hampshire, something we are all very proud of and will continue to encourage.


5. String Fest Photos


HCYO leader Natalie Rickard showing the way to the next generation



HYPE inspired the next generation at the Eastleigh Area Schools Orchestras end of term concert with their performance of Sizzle (Nathan Daugherty ) and Reasons (Matthew Hall). The young audience sat mesmerised and afterwards came to asked what they needed to do to join HCYO …!



7. HCYO at the Regional Music for Youth Festival

Three HCYO ensembles took part in the regional Music for Youth Festival in Aldershot on Sunday 17 of March. HYPE (Hampshire Youth Percussion Ensemble ), HCYO Cellos (all our cellos from both the String and County Youth Orchestras) and the HCYO Chamber Orchestra impressed audiences and adjudicators alike with their music and well prepared programme. Adjudicators were very positive and complimentary about our playing:

‘…a good ensemble with bags of potential’  (HYPE)
‘…a very accomplished and mature ensemble’ (Chamber Orchestra)
..bravo to you all in the Fuga-there were many technical challenges in this….’  (HCYO Cellos)
We await anxiously to see if any of our ensembles get through to the next stage, the National Music for Youth Festival which takes place inBirmingham in the first week of July.

8. Lou aiming for Channel Relay to raise funds for HCYO

Hello everyone!  I’m fundraising for FHCYO with a Cross Channel Relay in September and wondered if I could ask for your help.

I’ve set up a Virgin Money Giving fundraising page, http://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/LouWalker (many thanks to the Friends for helping with this) and would so appreciate you spreading the word to all your contacts to see if they’d donate.  Facebook, Twitter, email, face to face, LinkedIn, even snail mail would help.

So what am I doing to earn donations? Swimming in the sea, throughout the winter without a wetsuit, mainly. Every Sunday – and sometimes during the week – I ignore the dog walkers muffled up in their hats and scarves and trot down the beach with only a swimsuit, hat and goggles between me and 6°C water. Believe me, that water hurts every time!

I’m part of a Channel relay team attempting to swim the English Channel in September 2013.  This means lots of winter training in the sea so we can tolerate the cold water in our two-hour qualification swim in June when the water temp will be way off its summer high of 16°C.

The training will continue throughout the summer with swims getting longer and longer until two hours feels easy. We’ll train at night, because we’ll be in the Channel at night, and our coach is planning a swim in a lake renowned for being full of jelly fish so we can get used to swimming while being stung. That’s something to look forward to…

You can follow the full story on my blog at www.louwalker.com/blog. Highlights so far are learning to make myself get in the water, swimming 1.2 miles in 10°C water with an air temp of -2, being scared witless by getting knocked down and tumbled by monster surf, braving more surf on Boxing Day and New Year’s, and my first ‘ice swim’ at the Cold Water Swimming Championships where the water was 1.5 – 2°C!

There are many more adventures to come so that I can keep interest high and keep the funds coming in for our orchestra’s busy 2013.

If you have any questions or ideas about fundraising, do get in touch. And thank you for your support.

@LouArtfulHen on Twitter




9. Charity Volunteering

We have no paid employees, instead volunteers share out the jobs to help run the charity and support the Orchestras.  As our young players progress through the orchestra and leave there is a natural turnover of parents on the committee.  We are always seeking more people to join us.

In the Autumn term a number of the committee members intend to leave and in particular we will be seeking a new chair person and treasurer.   Both positions are required to be filled to retain charitable status. The work is not onerous and meetings are held infrequently throughout the year on Saturday mornings during Orchestra rehearsals

If you would like to discuss joining the committee as a trustee or helper or feel you may be able to fill an officer role please contact me to discuss this.

Phone 01183 282892 or office@david-woods.com

Many Thanks


10. Friends of HCYO fundraising: Spring 2013

The Friends will be making major contributions to Bryanston and the Poland tour this year, so this has been the main focus of our fundraising.

There was a welcome influx of funds from the Christmas concert and busking. Other fundraising activities, including the 100 club, tuck-shop, cake and merchandise sales, continue to make a valuable contribution to funds. There have also been generous individual and corporate donations and, a member has been successful in obtaining a donation from their employer.
We are looking at outlay of some £30,000 this year and obviously our support for the orchestra can only continue at this level if funds keep flowing in. So any support you can give is hugely important. If you’re not already a member of the Friends, please do consider joining. One-off donations to funds can also be made via our website. If you’re coming to the Bryanston concerts, please give your usual generous support to the raffle and auction.
Replacement of the girls’ blue concert dresses has been the subject of discussion for a number of years. It’s finally going to happen, thanks to grants totalling £10,000 from Hampshire County Council and individual councillors’discretionary funds. This funding has been obtained by the tireless efforts of Judith Grajewski, earning her the gratitude of generations of future musicians!
As mentioned elsewhere, I will be standing down as treasurer at the next AGM. If anyone feels that they might be able to take on this role, please contact me bintg@btinternet.com (on a “no obligation” basis!) to discuss what’s involved.
Graham Bint (Treasurer)


Feb-13 50 Members Aug-12 69 Members
Mr & Mrs SM Parkhurst 56 £15.00 Susie Fellows 22 £20.70
Bill Dutton 88 £10.00 Mr & Mrs Montgomery 32 £13.80
Mike Thompson 38   £5.00 Mr R Hasted 41   £6.90
Jan-13 53 Members Jul-12 69 Members
Mrs Stephanie Tyler 15 £15.90 Pete Adams 45 £20.70
Natalia Fetherston-Dilke 34 £10.60 Judith Grajewski 14 £13.80
Ms Sue Leahy 84   £5.30 Ruth Murley 63   £6.90
Dec-12 45 Members Jun-12 69 Members
Dr Andrew P Brooks 53 £27.00 Mrs L Crisp 51 £20.70
Mrs O Tull 54 £13.80
Caroline Callow 63   £6.90
Nov-12 54 Members May-12 69 Members
Mrs A Mayall 64 £16.20 Mr & Mrs Lewington 50 £20.70
Ms J Paterson 13 £10.80 RH Moys 71 £13.80
P D Grajewski 11   £6.90 Gillian Scott 82   £6.90
Oct-12 69 Members Apr-12 69 Members
Ros Jones 59 £20.70 Bill Dutton 88 £20.70
Ron Hasted 41 £13.80 Susan Hasted 54 £13.80
Pam Gravenor 42   £6.90 Ruth Murley 63   £6.90
Sep-12 69 Members Mar-12 70 Members
Judith Grajewski 14 £20.70 Mr & Mrs Parkhurst 37 £21.00
Mr & Mrs Lewington 50 £13.80 David Smethurst 31 £14.00
Mrs V Long 28   £6.90 Tim Bishop 35   £7.00